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February 15, 2008


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A Fashion Party (Live at AB Bxl) (2008)

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  • The Neon Judgement


1. Intro (Live @ AB Bxl)
2. The fashion party (It feels so strong, Live @ AB Bxl)
3. Concrete (It feels so strong, Live @ AB Bxl)
4. Too cold to breathe (Live @ AB Bxl)
5. One jump ahead (Live @ AB Bxl)
6. Nion (Live @ AB Bxl)
7. Tv treated (Live @ AB Bxl)
8. Please release me let me go-go (Live @ AB Bxl)
9. I must be on my own (Live @ AB Bxl)
10. Factory walk (Live @ AB Bxl)
11. Concrete (NY - Stoney wall doll, Live @ AB Bxl)

CD Album 2008
Catalog # DDDD09